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Candy Ass




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Donkey in a Wheelchair (2006)


“Through the heart of independent cinema comes the bold and expressive first film from the production team at Xabiche.  Set in the gritty heart of Texas and influenced by the early works of Robert Rodriguez, “Donkey in a Wheelchair” tells the story of Donkey Lord El Burro and his murderous band of bicycle outlaws.  El Burro’s iron-fisted rule soon comes to an end at the hands of a ‘stranger’ out to avenge the death of his candy-loving friend.  Filled with first-rate special effects and powered by a riveting soundtrack, “Donkey in a Wheelchair” is destined to be a cult classic.”


Burro Fluffer

                    So THAT’s what was happening.



Hell, I was in it, and I still didn’t know the story.




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The Theme From Candy Ass

The Pinata Gang Rides Again

Sucrose Aggressor

Sugar Tooth Blues


Music Copyright (C) 2006 Brad Bierschenk, (P) 2006 Brad Bierschenk. All rights reserved.  This material may not be reproduced, modified, or distributed without the written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact




A film by


Jericho Thorp

Jeff Gleason

Jean Charles Pina

Marc Jordan


Music by


Brad Bierschenk


Special Effects by


Casey Thorp




Hero - Casey Thorp

Buddy  - Brandon Salinas

El Burro - Marc Jordan

Umpire - Jeff Gleason

Perv & Butler - Jean Charles Pina

Keeler - Sam Stauber

Kaiser & Elmore – Brad Bierschenk

Boobies & Beotch 1 - Amy Elyn

Beotch 2 - Stephanie Swenson

Mom & Beotch 3 - Courtney Hopkin

Dad & Austin 5k - Paul Jordan

Kid - Keran Barrington



Thanks to


Stock Market Miniature Donkeys, Dripping Springs TX – location & burros!

Gary & Gloria Colvin – location & burros!

Ray & Aline Jordan – location & fire

Laura Jordan – hollers

Mellissa Gleason – moral support

Cash Flow, Calderon, Ben Franklin, Josie, Blanco, & Billy the Kid – burros

Mike McMullen – burro fluffer

Jason Habel – Jennet