Marshall 4140 clips from around the net...latest additions on top.


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Marshall 4140 Club & Country 4x12 Combo






Xabiche (46&2 @ HCAF)

Playing around with major key to relative minor modulation.


Drums, bass, & synth from Band in a Box


MIM Floyd Strat.

Marshall 4140

Channel vol = 3

Treb = 8

Mid = 8

Bass = 4

Verb = 7

Master = 7

Boss CH-1 chorus on all, DD-5 delay on lead

Mesa recto standard in Isobooth enclosure, SM57 & e609 -> RNP -> Onyx1220.


Xabiche (46&2 @ HCAF)

Artist: Rush


Drums/Synth from Guitars 101

Guitars by Xabiche


MIM Floyd Strat.Marshall 4140 channel volume about 3, master about 5.5.Microamp (7) -> Boss CH-1 -> Boss DD-5.Mesa recto standard in Isobooth enclosure, SM57 -> RNP -> Onyx1220.